Mindfulness & Well-Being

Attachment and Letting Go

I find myself asking this question more and more, why do we form attachments to things and people? I think it's easier to explain attachment to people, but what about things? That dress you've had for many years that has holes but you still wear it? The shoes you bought 10 years ago that's no… Continue reading Attachment and Letting Go

Foodie Stuff

Foodie Day: Greek Yogurt Banana Oat Bread

I have a love/hate relationship with bananas. Most days I enjoy eating them and other days just the sight of bananas makes me nauseous (don't feel bad, bananas, I have the same relationship with eggs. Shhhh). On the days that I love bananas, I usually put them in smoothies, or add them to what I'm… Continue reading Foodie Day: Greek Yogurt Banana Oat Bread

Mindfulness & Well-Being

There’s A Plan For That!

Raise your hand if you like being organized, writing to-do lists, or sorting things. Yep - me too! My friends make fun of my semi-obsessive way of planning and organizing but to be honest, it helps to keep me focused and it makes me less anxious. Almost everything I do, I have a plan for… Continue reading There’s A Plan For That!

Foodie Stuff

Foodie Day: Detox Holiday Week

Confession: I have difficulty letting go of sweets and resisting the temptation to eat/consume everything sugar related. I can do well for maybe a day or two and then once I get a hint of refined sugar - game over! So, I decided to pay attention to my physical health by going through a slow… Continue reading Foodie Day: Detox Holiday Week

Mindfulness & Well-Being

Let’s Talk About Sleep

I recently attended a presentation on sleep and what lack of sleep does to your body. We got a magazine with information on sleep, a bath bomb, and a lavender roll-on! (jackpot!) It wasn't the first time I heard this information, and yet I found myself feeling surprised while the presenter shared the information from… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sleep

Grad School Essentials

Professional Quality of Life and Wellness Based Supervision

I've mentioned my dissertation study here a few times and want to share a little bit about it with you. These three books pretty much sumĀ up my dissertation: wellness, single case research design, and clinical supervision. For this study, I evaluated the efficacy of a specific model of clinical supervision (Wellness Model of Supervision) to… Continue reading Professional Quality of Life and Wellness Based Supervision